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Signature Spa Pedicure

Warm Soothing Bubbly Foot bath with Therapeutic Mineral Salts; pampered nail and cuticle shaping, application of healing Gehwol emulsion for a theuropetic massage followed by a "Zoya" (Big 5 Free) polish of your choice.


DeLuxe Pedicure w/Paraffin

A Deluxe pedicure is an upgrade of the spa pedicure to include 3 bonus dips of warm liquid wax that soothes the massaged skin to help relieve aches and pain as well as maintain the moisture in your nails, cuticles and skin.


Tips In Toga Signature Hot Stone Pedicure

Our Signature Hot Stone Pedicure is a "Luxe" Pedicure combined with a hot stone massage using aromatherapy oils/ or Gehwol emulsion. The stones relieve soreness,tension,and stress to achieve total relaxation. Add-on: A warm paraffin dip $15


Gehwol Medical Pedicure

A medical pedicure that focuses on the examination and treatment of disorders effecting the feet and toenails by a Gehwol Certified Specialist. The nails and cuticles are treated appropriately according to their needs, such as: brittle and torn nails, ingrown nails and fungus of the nails. Aesthetically healing pedicure using pharmaceutical grade salves and emollients to help treat cracked,dry skin, aid in callas reduction and followed by a therapeutic relaxing massage to cool, refresh and hydrate your feet.


Almond Milk Bath Signature Manicure

A Soothing hand soak of warmed "Almond Milk Bath" along with an application of a rich creamy blend of alpha-hydroxy acids that effectively moisturize and erase the cuticles,a trim off of any hangnails then a therapeutic massage with Glo' Minerals Body Butter/honey sugar butter, to be finished with a Vegan Friendly "Zoya Polish" of your choice.


CND Shellac/Shellac-Luxe Mani

CND Shellac/ (we carry all of the matching Vinylux Polish Colors Big"3" Free polishes) A complete collection of over 175 colors plus this season's best choices!


Tips In Toga Signature Spa Manicure

The ultimate comfort for your hands. This Treatment includes: a warm soak in a milky bath, shaping of the nails followed by CND cuticle eraser cream; a sea salt exfoliation or Intense Hand Rejuvenating Peel(sloughing/exfoliant) to remove dead skin, an Illuminating masque, and a hydrating "delicious"warm pomagranite paraffin dip. All followed by a therapeutic Hand massage and a polish of your choice either Zoya or CND Vinylux.


Classic Manicure/Exclusive "Zoya" Service

A Spa Manicure with The Professional Line from The Art of Beauty. "Zoya" polish the first in the nail industry to carry the emblem of the (Big"5" Free polish)! It is an important factor when choosing a polish/free from: Toluene,camphor,formaldehyde,formaldehyde resin, and DBP. Also included in this service is the "Naked Manicure" to (Treat*Correct*Protect) the nail as it improves the appearance of damaged and/or discolored nails. The long term benefits : "Zoya Naked" improves the condition,strength & flexibility of the nail with vitamins,proteins& Botanicals over time!


CND Brisa & Brisa Lite Gel Nails

CND Velocity/Formation Tips available in Natural/Clear/White


"ANC Amazing Nail Concepts"

Colored Powder Gel Enhancements Reapplication@2 weeks due to safety and well being of your natural nails. Tips $15 add-on


Gehwol Medical Anti-Fungal Gel

A medical grade (formaldehyde free) gel to helps correct nails that have either fallen off, posses fungal properties or nails that fail to thrive and grow in a natural environment. This type of medical grade gel is typically preferred as it lacks the use of a acid/fomaldehyde based primer.


SugarLash "Premier" Certified Lash Expert

SugarLash Silk/Mink eyelashes are hypoallergenic and nontoxic. They are crimp-resistant, bouncy, flexible and weightless. Their natural taper and beautifully curled lash tips are the perfect compliment to natural human lashes. To prepare for your appointment use a mild, oil free cleanser to thoroughly remove your eye makeup before you arrive for your Eyelash Extension appointment. The average wear is a maximum of the 100 Day Life Span of the natural Lash we recommend at least 1- 2 re-Lash appts during that timeframe for the health and safety of your natural lashes.



"Rejuvenate,Replenish,Reveal!" 100% organic Airbrush Tanning that is combined on location to suit your skin tone naturally brown! Nut-Free & Gluten Free Soothes/Hydrates+ Repairs Damaged Skin/ Reduces Inflammation


"Head2Toga" Tanning Mobile Suite Service

Suvara Airbrush Tanning Artist will come to your Location. Service includes Individualized Correct Color Matching to include our all natural vitamin enriched Organic formula. Made exclusively in New York by NYS Licensed pharmacists in NorthPort, LongIsland.


Mobile "Mani/Pedi"/ CND Products

At your requested location up to 50 miles.


Mobile"Premier SugarLash Pro Lash Extentions"

Travel to your location for a relaxed application of eyelash extensions. For a complete discription click on eyelash extension services In the prior list of services offered.


Signature Head2Toga facial

Glo' Therapeutic Facial Each treatment protocol personalized by Aesthetician.


Chemical peels

For clearer, invigorated and Glo'-ing skin, look no further. We offer many exfoliation treatments to brighten dull,uneven tone and textures with the use of reparative antioxidants and healing anti-inflammatories. All treatments are made exclusively on location after your skin has been analyzed with our Skin Identification Device to detect your moisture levels, times may vary according to levels at arrival time. Salicylic 30% PH 2.24 Glycolic 30% PH 2.25 Glycolic 60% PH 2.0 Lactic 20% Modified Jessner 14% PH 2.0 Pro5



A diamond tip microdermabrasion treatment for the remove of fine lines,wrinkles and acne scars. Book an appt or a series of appts to help with the appearance of fine imperfections it is recommended to have a series of treatments to insure your outcome is achieved.


MicroBlading Eyebrows

A semi-permanent eyebrow procedure that is carried out by an Aesthetician using a professional individualized(one time use) hand-held tool that delivers extremely perfected feather-like strokes that resembles natural brow hairs. Highly pigmented colors are delivered into the superficial dermis of the skin to create precise hair strokes that resemble natural eyebrow hairs. NYS Licensed and Certified Against Blood-borne pathogens



An enhancement/procedure to rejuvenate skin to expedite the skins cells renewal/turnover. Results can be seen as early as your first few visits/although each individual is unique to treatment, however some results can take longer in damaged and aging skin that has been overexposed to the suns damages. Rejuvenated skin appears more refreshed, alive, radiant, youthful and beautiful.


Signature Head2Toga Back Facial

A complete service for one of the most neglected parts of the body. This service can be done alone or as an add-on to any other service


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